AF Films was founded by Franco-American filmmaker Alain Furcajg. Born and raised in Paris, the city of arts, he then moved to New York City where he founded AF Films after more than a decade working in the United States. Alain has written and directed award-winning films & music videos, and directed commercials for clients in Europe and the United States.

  Alain's latest movie, DANIEL, has received numerous awards from festivals in the U.S., and was signed for distribution by Shorts International. DANIEL has since been playing on TV in Europe, the United States and Turkey. 

  Alain Furcajg's great storytelling skills, acute attention to detail and high quality standards has contributed to his movie-making success and his high production value commercials delivered to his clients. Alain's artistic mentor and pillar of independent filmmaking director John Waters has often vouched for Alain Furcajg's edgy and original sense of humor found in his movies. Under John Waters' mentorship Alain has been introduced to some of the biggest film directors around including Quentin Tarantino, Brian De Palma & Darren Aronofsky.